Hydrotechnical industry

Specialists in Designing Hydroelectric Power Plants


Our Offer Includes:

  • Comprehensive designs of hydroelectric power plants, water intakes, canals, pipelines, and other water and energy facilities
  • Comprehensive designs of hydraulic structures, dams, weirs, locks, fish ladders, and more
  • Structural designs of non-standard equipment such as various repair and service closures, grates, grate cleaners, lifting and transport equipment, and others
  • Operating manuals for hydroelectric power plants, water management, waste management
  • Comprehensive drip pan designs for unit transformers, emergency tanks
  • Water pool designs
  • Retrofit and reconstruction designs for water, energy, and hydraulic facilities
  • Raw water supply for process needs (water intakes, pumping stations, transmission pipelines)
  • Water cooling circuits for cooling auxiliary equipment and facilities, selection of cooling towers, cooling water pumping stations, piping and circulation channels, desalination discharges, and more

Nearly 85% of the installed capacity in the Polish hydropower sector, which includes the construction of new and the retrofit of existing power plants, has been implemented according to our designs:

  • Solina Hydroelectric Power Station with reversible turbines — 200.2 MW
  • Włocławek Hydroelectric Power Station — 162.2 MW
  • Hydroelectric power plants of the Czorsztyn-Niedzica Water Reservoir Complex — 93 MW
  • Dychów Hydroelectric Power Station — 87.9 MW
  • Koronowo Hydroelectric Power Station — 29 MW
  • Nearly 50 smaller facilities with capacities of less than 20 MW each
  • Lubiąż and Ścinawa hydroelectric power stations on the Oder River (design work in progress)

We played the role of the general contractor for some of the following facilities:

  • Malczyce HPS (2005–2020) — supply and installation of turbine sets and complete technological equipment, including the necessary technical documentation
  • Głębin HPS (2013–2016) — a comprehensive retrofit with the replacement of two turbine sets and the construction of a new switching station
  • Otmuchów HPS (2012–2014) — a complete retrofit with replacement of 2 turbine sets
  • Czchów HPS (2004–2005) — a retrofit of the power station (supply and commissioning of turbine controllers)
  • Myczkowce HPS (1999–2000) — a comprehensive retrofit with replacement of 2 turbine sets.

ENERGOPROJEKT-WARSZAWA SA is the design office that has designed all the existing pumped-storage hydroelectric plants in the country. They cover the three conventional facilities, i.e., Żydowo PSHP, Żarnowiec PSHP, and Porąbka–Żar PSHP, and two hydroelectric power plants with a pumped-storage unit using a difference in dam levels, i.e., Solina HPS and Dychów HPS. We continue to be actively involved in optimising the existing and analysing the new potential of PSHPs:

  • Żydowo PSHP (1971) — comprehensive documentation as part of the power station retrofit between 2009 and 2013 and the implementation of this design on a turnkey basis
  • Porąbka–Żar PSHP (1979) — a replacement of the upper reservoir slope seals (1995), retrofit of 220 kV switching station (2000 — 2002), replacement of ball valves for four hydroelectric generating sets (2014–2017) — designs and implementation, restoration and retrofit spatial conceptual design in 2015–2022 (2017); design and implementation of the upper reservoir retrofit (2022–2024, in progress)
  • Żarnowiec PSHP (1983) — a retrofit of the asphalt concrete lining of the upper reservoir (2006), retrofit of four hydroelectric generating sets (2007–2011), retrofit of the asphalt concrete screen seal (2016) — designs and implementation
  • Solina HPS (1968) — comprehensive documentation for the retrofit of the power station between 2000 and 2003
  • Dychów HPS (1936) — comprehensive design documentation for the first stage of the power station’s major retrofit (1997–1999), comprehensive design documentation for the final major retrofit of the power station (2002–2005)
  • Młoty PSHP — since the decision to build (1968), comprehensive design services, including detailed documentation for the 3x250 MW variant — construction has been suspended and resumed several times; the most recent study — “Study of Conditions for the Młoty PSHP Construction Resumption” from 2002
  • Analysis of Possible Locations of PSHP (1996) — study work
  • Feasibility Study for the Construction of the PSHP at the Site of the Turów Lignite Mine (2022) — study work
  • Contingency analysis of the construction of new PSHPs for a significant energy player (2022, ongoing)

We were involved in the implementation of the detailed solutions for:

  • Dychowski Canal
  • Canals on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail:
    • Tałcki Canal
    • Grunwaldzki Canal
    • Mioduński Canal
    • Szymoński Canal
    • Giżycki Canal.
  • Feasibility analysis to build a power station on the Masurian Canal.

We were involved in the design of:

  • Guzianka II lock,
  • Locks on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail:
    • Guzianka I,
    • Karwik,
  • The following Augustów Canal locks:
    • Dębowo lock
    • Swoboda lock
    • Paniewo lock
    • Mikaszówka lock
    • Sosnówek lock
    • Kudrynki lock
    • Przewięź lock
  • The following Oder locks:
    • Kłodnica lock
    • Dzierżno lock
    • Łabędy lock
    • Rudziniec lock
  • Neisse Estuary stage lock
  • Wrocław Water Junction lock:
    • Municipal Lock

We were involved in the design and preparation of technical documentation for:

  • Augustów Canal weir
  • Gubin weir
  • Karwik weir
  • Neisse Estuary weir
  • Krutyń weir
  • Zalesie Górne weir
  • Żarki Wielkie weir
  • Sosnówek weir
  • Mikaszówka weir
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