Electric industry

Electrical Specialists

Design documentation for various project stages, including technical condition assessments, due diligence analyses, feasibility studies, spatial conceptual, basic, construction, detailed, and as-built design documentation.
Designs of hydroelectric power plants, hydro facilities, conventional power plants, combined heat and power generating plants, and industrial facilities, including:
  • Designs of electric power take-off systems
  • Designs of generator auxiliary systems
  • Design of distribution systems with medium and low voltage switching stations
  • Designs of overhead and indoor transformer stations
  • Designs of protection, measurement, and power automation systems
  • Designs of control, signalling, and visualisation systems
  • Designs of uninterruptible power supply systems (including power generators)
  • Designs of electrical installations
  • Designs of cable systems
  • Designs of control algorithms, signal lists
  • Designs of HVAC controls systems
  • Concepts for new and retrofitted plants, including pumped-storage hydroelectric plants
  • Terms of Reference in part related to electrical systems
  • Manuals for operation and interaction with the electricity network
  • Strength calculations for LV overhead lines

Designers’ Authorisations:

  • Construction licence for unlimited installation designs of electrical and power networks, installations, and devices
  • Certificates of professional competence type E the operation of electrical equipment, installations, and networks (operation)
  • Certificates of professional competence type D the operation of electrical equipment, installations, and networks (supervision)
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