Investment Project Implementation Office

Comprehensive Investment Implementation and Project Management

The Investment Project Implementation Office provides the following design, full-service development and construction management services:
  • Content-related and organisational supervision of the work of subcontractors and sub-suppliers, including control of compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Implementation and completion of deliveries
  • Organisation of comprehensive project implementations
  • Supervision and coordination of work
  • Ensuring and controlling the quality of equipment and work as part of the coordinated projects
  • Preparation of investment implementation schedules and control of their adherence
  • On-site coordination and Investor supervision
  • Commissioning and handover of investment projects
  • Ensuring compliance of project implementations with the order, the documentation, and health and safety, fire safety, environmental, and other regulations
  • Ensuring correct acceptance, commissioning, measurements, and handover to operation of completed facilities
  • Preparation of documents required to implement projects and commission and settle facilities
Krzysztof KowalczykHead of Investment Project Implementation Office



Poland, 02-626 Warszawa
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