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During over 70 years of activity  ENERGOPROJEKT – WARSZAWA SA designed more than 200 power units, boilers and turbine sets installed at the power plants, CHP plants, as well as heating plants, in Poland and abroad, with total capacity of 25618MWe and 13308 MWt. As the general designer of the main technological and auxiliary systems, along with a civil and structure part, ENERGOPROJEKT – WARSZAWA SA developed the comprehensive technical documentation and supervised the construction of power and heat generation sources presented below.

Lignite-fired power plants

  • Bełchatów (12 x 360 MW)
  • Bełchatów II (858 MW)
  • Turów (10 x 200 MW)
  • Adamów (5 x 120 MW)
  • Konin (518 MW)
  • Pątnów (6 x 200 MW)
  • Pątnów II (464 MW)
  Bełchatów power plant
Hard coal-fired power plants

  • Kozienice (8 x 200 MW + 2 x 560 MW)
  • Kozienice II (1075 MW)
  • Połaniec (8 x 200 MW)
  • Ostrołęka (3 x 200 MW)
  Kozienice power plant
Combined heat and power plants
  • Siekierki (622 MWe / 2448 MWt)
  • Żeran (250 MWe / 1200 MWt)
  • Kaweczyn
  • Łódź III
  • Łódź IV
  • Gdańsk II
  • Gdynia III
  • Białystok II
  • Lublin - Wrotków

Hydro power plants

Since incorporation, ENERGOPROJEKT – WARSZAWA SA contributed to the development of hydro power plants as renewable energy sources. Nearly 85% of installed capacity in the Polish hydro power sector was designed by our Company, including Solina hydro power plant with reversible turbines (137 MW, after modernization 200.2 MW), Włocławek hydro power plant - the largest facility of the type in Poland (162 MW), hydro power plants of the Czorsztyn - Niedzica - Sromowce Wyżne Water Reservoirs Complex with a total output of 94.83 MW.
  Solina hydro power plant
Pumped-storage power plants

Pumped-storage power plants are the pride of ENERGOPROJEKT – WARSZAWA SA Żydowo
(150 MW), Żarnowiec (680 MW) and Porąbka - Żar (500 MW), with a chamber hewn in rock to accommodate plant devices, are among the most advanced solutions of the type world-wide.
  Żarnowiec pumped-storage power plant

Based on Energoprojekt - Warszawa SA's studies, analyses, concepts and designs many of district heating systems and networks were developed for large Polish cities such as: Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Gdañsk, Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Poznań, Radom, Szczecin, Wrocław, as well as smaller towns, including: Grudziądz, Mielec, Ostrołęka, Olsztyn, Elbląg, Bogatynia, Kalisz, Turek and other.

Gas and steam combined cycle units

To cater to the growing interest in environmental protection, ENERGOPROJEKT - WARSZAWA SA actively participates in the development of new, environmentally-friendly energy sources as a provider of consulting services and technical documentation for undertakings such as the following:
  • Construction of a gas and steam combined cycle units with electric output of 235 MW and heat output of 150 MW in the Lublin - Wrotków CHP plant
  • Construction of a gas and steam combined unit with electric output of 101 MW and heat output of 76 MW in the Rzeszów CHP plant
  • Construction of a gas and steam combined cycle unit with electric output of 463 MW in Włocławek City
  • Construction of a gas turbine with electric output of 3.73 MW and heat output of 10 MW in a district heating plant of the Tarnów District Heating Distribution Co.
Gas and steam combined cycle unit in the Rzeszów CHP plant

  Gas and steam combined cycle unit in the Lublin Wrotków CHP plant

We employ  engineers and technicians, in nearly all areas required for the performance of construction, upgrading and reinstatement projects - consultants, designers and experts:

  • mechanics in the field of heat and process engineering for electricity and heat generation
  • electricians specializing in medium and low voltage systems, including indoor installations
  • automation engineers for industrial processes
  • architects and civil & structure engineers
  • hydro power engineers specialising in the construction of hydro power structures, water intakes, waste storage yards and treatment plants
  • experts in the field of environmental protection
  • IT personnel
  • investment procurement specialists
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W dniach 8 – 11 grudnia 2015r. odbyła się, organizowana przez Instytut Techniki Cieplnej Politechniki Warszawskiej, przy współudziale Komitetów Problemów Energetyki oraz Termodynamiki i Spalania Polskiej Akademii Nauk XII Konferencja „Problemy Badawcze Energetyki Cieplnej – Research & Development In Power Engineering”.

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