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offers a comprehensive technical documentation at all stages – beginning from concept design, basic engineering, Building Permit Documentation, detailed engineering, as-built documentation and supervisory on site.

  • comprehensive design of power plants, combined heat and power plants and district heating plants for public utility, industrial and municipal power engineering sites
  • comprehensive design of hydro power plants
  • water intakes with pumping stations

Process and Heat Engineering
  • design for modernisation of entire sites, reconstruction or complete replacement of main power engineering devices, including boilers, turbine units, FGD systems
  • design for gas turbines to be operated in electricity and heat co-generation systems
  • technical concepts and documentation relating to renewable energy sources
  • design for all types of pipelines (full range of operating medium parameters), including:
    a) live steam, cold and hot reheat steam, feed water pipelines with licensing documentation
    b) low- and medium-pressure industrial pipelines
    c) process steam pipelines
    d) heating water pipelines
    e) cooling and service water pipelines
  • design of flue gas ducts, hot and cold air ducts
  • oil management design
Civil Engineering
  • design of sites with large cubic capacity
  • design of foundations
  • surface and underground engineering structures, pipeline supports
  • ventilation systems
  • all sites are designed as steel, reinforced and combination structures with light casing
    we also develop:
    a) design for new sites, design for modernisation and reconstruction of buildings with large cubic capacity, engineering structures, etc.
    b) development plans and site management plans
    c) construction expert opinions, construction design opinions, etc.

Electrical Engineering

  • electric power evacuation systems
  • auxiliary generator systems
  • distribution systems with medium- and low-voltage switchgears
  • outdoor and indoor transformer stations
  • electrical engineering protection, measurement and automation systems
  • control, signalling and visualisation systems
  • uninterruptible power supply systems (including power generators)
  • three-phase power supply and lighting systems
  • cable management
  • telecommunications and fire alarm systems
  • control algorithms, signal lists
  • design concepts for new sites, modernised sites, including pumped-storage plants
  • development of Terms of Reference for electrical works
  • instructions for device operation and connection to power network
  • C&I designs for process automation systems (measurement, control, calibration and protection of individual sites), auxiliary installations and systems

Hydropower Generation Sector
  • comprehensive design of hydro power plants, water intakes, channels, pipelines and other hydraulic engineering sites
  • comprehensive design of hydro power structures, dams, damming weirs, fish passes, etc.
  • structural designs for non-standard devices, such as various overhaul and traffic entrances, grates, grate cleaners, lifting and transport devices and other
  • water environment analyses, reports of power plant's environmental impact
  • instructions for hydro power plant operation, water management, waste management
  • comprehensive design of unit transformers, oil wells, emergency reservoir and water reservoirs
  • design for modernisation and reconstruction of hydraulic engineering sites
  • raw water supply for process needs (water intakes, pumping plants, transmission pipelines)
  • cooling water systems for auxiliary cooling devices and sites, cooling tower selection, cooling water pumping stations, recirculation pipelines and ducts, blow-offs, etc.
  • water permits reports